Monday, December 24, 2012

Illustration: Doctor Who Cast

Check out the line work: 1 | 2 | 3
"This one is special :3 As some of you may already know, i'm a HUUUGE Doctor Who fan, so, when i thought of making some new posters for this con season i couldn't reject the idea of paying a little tribute to the Doctor!

Here's the first one (of three) featuring the ninth Doctor, portrayed greatly by Christopher Eccleston. Personally, i didn't like ninth as much as i like tenth or eleven, but some of his stories were LOTS of fun. I tried to resume the whole season in one poster but eventually some of the stuff had to stay out of the composition (i specially miss not drawing Jackie Tyler in her nightrobe xDD CLASSIC) but i think i kept in the most important stuff.

Also! This poster, as well as the other two will have the amazing amazing colors of Laurakjoge, but you'll have to wait for them since i'll post them next week, after Madrid's Expocomic (more info on that later!). For now, hope you like the lineart!"

Tenth Doctor
"Man, i loved Tennant SO MUCH. He was a great Doctor and his three seasons were THE BOMB. Also...DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IS TO RESUME THREE SEASONS INTO ONLY ONE POSTER? Of course you don't! Because you have self respect and when your mind tells you to do crazy things you just go: NOOOPE. I don't have that luck xD"

"When Matt Smith became the new doctor i wasn't happy at all, i must confess. I was too emotional about David Tennant leaving and the last adventures of the Doctor and all that to really appreciate Smith, but, little by little, i started to really like Smith's take on the last timelord and now he's my favourite doctor so far!"

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