Saturday, July 23, 2011

Papercraft: Harry Potter Scenes

Brittney Lee created these two pieces
for the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus

Amazingly, this amazing art is assembled out of paper, though it looks like it could have been put together in Photoshop.Lee's blog is definitely getting a bookmark.

I am definitely a Potter fan. When the nice folks at Gallery Nucleus asked me if I would be interested in participating in a Harry Potter Tribute Show that would take place one week before the final film opened, I must confess that I had to suppress a squeal of joy. It was really difficult for me to choose what to illustrate, but in the end there were two moments that I decided to try to capture.
This first piece is my take on little Harry introducing his Snowy Owl, Hedwig, to the Owlry at Hogwarts. I thought it would be fun to illustrate these two unlikely friends, as well as all of the different owl personalities that shuttle messages to and from Hogwarts.

The second of my two Potter pieces - Harry defending Ron and Hermione from Dementors with the use of his Patronus charm. His stag patronus is just so cool, I couldn't help myself.

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