Thursday, July 14, 2011

Link Round-Up: July 14, 2011

A collection of newspaper headlines from "The Simpsons" (SLYT)

Designer Pablo Curutchet placed a 28-foot-tall, 882-pound cardboard box golem leering at pedestrians in Cordoba, Argentina. Unfortunately for this giant, a steady rain could spell the end of his reign of terror.

Hardware: The Definitive SF Works Of Chris Foss – in pictures


Typeface based on sculpture becomes motorized sculpture. The (European) typeface Jigsaw, “which was inspired by sculpture,” finds a use in typesetting the names of donors to a (U.S.) regional arts council. “A motorized disk contains approximately 2,000 names.... Pushing an initial letter on the control panel allows the viewer to find a particular name. The disk rotates and stops at the requested letter and displays all the names corresponding to the requested letter by backlighting them with white LEDs.” (Gallery; Vimeo video.)

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