Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Link Round-Up: July 20, 2011

Boston-based artist and TED Fellow Nathalie Miebach translates weather and climate change
data from cities into musical scores and whimsical sculptures

20 Educational Architecture Books Anyone Can Enjoy

A German job website has launched an awesome ad campaign on vending machines across the nation featuring photos of people working while crammed into tiny spaces. is hosting a Darth Vader helmet art contest for charity. They’re going to select 25 artists to create an original art piece using an authentic Darth Vader helmet. Those helmets will be showcased around the web and then auctioned off for charity. The proceeds will all go the charity. The artists get the benefit of having their names and work showcased, along with getting some prizes.First place is US$1,000.

Ten Incredible Steampunk Guitars

Turns out, Jon Stewart is immortal. Creepy.

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