Saturday, April 30, 2011

Papercraft: Minecraft in Real Life

Meatcraft is a real world art installation shown in March at San Jose State University.  Created by Jeffrey Kam and Cody McCabe consisted of a minecraft themed gallery, two crafting tables, tools, working 8-bit LED torches, and a fully interactive grass block world at the center of it all.

The centerpiece of the gallery is a to-scale grass block, filled with 1500 smaller cubes. Each cube is 6.25cm, or 1:16 scale (The default Minecraft texture is 16x16 pixels, so at 1-meter scale, each pixel is 6.25cm, hence the 1:16 block scale)

Coverage of the installation has already been featured on rockpapershotgun, KOTAKU, and Joystiq, and thread. Check out more details at the Real World Minecraft website.

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