Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lego Creations: Venator Mark III

Via: MOCpages

Even if I had the money for the pieces, I'd never have the talent to design a Lego model like this.  It's all I can do to assemble the more complex sets from the directions provided without swearing up a blue streak.  I do love to gaze upon the eyecandy of others' creations, though, and this is a beauty.  Follow the link for more in-depth descriptions. 
"This is a theoretical version I created of the Venator Mark III Star Destroyer. There is a Mark II class on Wikipedia already, so I made this the Mark III version developed just before the Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

For those die hard Star Wars fans, this does not comply with the official lexicon. I was more interested in creating a hypothetic version of the Star Destroyer, which was created from my Star Destroyer and AT AT Walker sets. This version is 44 inches long, 28 inches wide and 17 inches tall. If the original Imperial Star Destroyer set was used as a comparative scale, the Venator Mark III Star Destroyer would be 1900 meters long, 1210 meters wide and 735 meters tall (with the landing gear extended). This makes it significantly larger than the standard Imperial Class Star Destroyer, and quite a bit bigger than the 1,137 meter long Venator Class Star Destroyer. I guess this would qualify as a super carrier."

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