Friday, December 9, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 9, 2016


"A Monster Calls" Director Says Film Is His "Love Letter To Fantasy"
Paul Haggis Discusses $100 Million Sci-Fi Feature "Ship Breaker" 
A Minute With: Felicity Jones Finds The Force For "Rogue One"
Robert Charles Wilson, author of 'Last Year' Explores Paradox-Free Time Travel



5 Scifi Animated Series You Have To Watch
5 Shows To Fill The Void In Your Life Now That Westworld Is Over
5 Star Wars Anthology Movies We Want To See
8 Times Futurama Dropped The Ball On Gender
8 Times When Being Mediocre Is More Than Just Ok
The 10 Best Foreign-Language Sci-fi Movies Of The Last 10 Years
The Best Self-Published Books Of 2016
China Writers Suffer From Lack Of Good Translations
Cixin Liu Ponders Robotic Revolution And Human Purpose
Evan Rachel Wood Hilariously Asked Siri About "Westworld"
EX MACHINA Vs WESTWORLD: how one movie did robots better than a season of TV
George Lucas Supposedly Likes Rogue One More Than The Force Awakens
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Downloading On Netflix
Here’s ‘Westworld’ Mentioned a Theory About Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel
How Westworld used Shakespeare, O'Neill for your burning questions
How Will Westworld keep Fans Interested?
Indie Publisher Launches Bonkers New Superhero Comic
Is 'Westworld' better than 'Game of Thrones'? Who cares?
Is "Westworld" Eligible For The Golden Globes?
James Marsden Explores His Dark Side In HBO'S Cautionary Sci-Fi series
Ksenija Lukich Dons Wig As She Channels Eleven From Netflix Series ...
La La Land, Moonlight Among AFI's Best Films Of 2016
Mark Hamill Thinks Star Wars standalones Have An Advantage
One Big Question: How Do We Manage The Downside Risks Of AI?
One Westworld Character Who May Not Be Dead
Science Fiction: Books V. Television V. Movies
Siri Is Having An Existential Crisis In The Wake Of The "Westworld" Finale
Star Trek's Simon Pegg Hints That He Might Writing The Next movie
Steven Moffat Reveals The Superhero Secrets Behind The Doctor Who Xmas
Tardis Appears At Letourneau University
The scientific explanation for why humans are so convinced that aliens look like octopuses
The Secret To Westworld's Success Is In Its Music
These Water-Powered "Star Wars" Speeder Bikes Are A Nerd Dream
This AI Attempt To Write A Christmas Carol Is Absolutely Bone-Chilling
Top 10 Graphic Novels Of 2016
The Top 20 Best Sci-Fi robots
Westworld's official Bot, Aeden, Is Beginning To Glitch Out
Westworld: 7 Likeliest Theories About Season 2
Westworldcast And Creators Had Sneaky Rules To Avoid Confirming Fan Theories
The "Westworld" Season 1 Soundtrack Is The Perfect Thing To Listen ...
Westworld: Why Is No One Talking About Ghost Nation?
What’s The Matter With Westworld?
When Search Engines Omit Results, Our Rights Are Jeopardized
Why Are Actors Abandoning Hollywood For Tv Shows Like WestWorld?
Why Westworld Actually Isn’t Like Lost
William Gibson On Individual Privacy, Governmental Secrecy And The Future Of History


High-Tech Hate By Josan Gonzalez
Toronto Photographer Reimagines The Skyline As A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia


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