Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 28, 2016


Adam Driver: "Star Wars: Episode VIII" Is "Remarkable"
Along For The Ride: Passengers Director Explains His Choices
Arrival director Denis Villeneuve on the politics of the year’s best sci-fi film
How Plausible Is the Movie Passengers? We asked a NASA contractor
Luke Hemsworth on how Westworld landed him the career that he thought he'd lost
Michael Livingston, Author of “The Shards of Heaven” and “The Gates of Hell”
Safa Shaqsy - Science Fiction Author Interviews D. M. Kirtaime
The top moments in 'Westworld'? Key players make their picks
Westworld Creators On Sentient Robots


10 Exciting Future-Focused films coming In 2017
30 Best movies available On Amazon Prime
5 Must-Have Apps For Every Science-Fiction fan 
Composer John Williams reveals he’s NEVER seen Star Wars
Gear Up Nerf Herders, The Boba Fett 'Star Wars' Movie Is Actually Happening
Giant Avatar-Style Robot Takes First Steps In South Korea
Is A 4K Restoration Of 'star Wars" On The Way?
Jon Bernthal Had Zero Interest In Superheroes Until "The Punisher ...
Josh Glenn names his top 75 Golden Age sci-fi novels (GOLDEN AGE SCI-FI: 1934–1963)
Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Play Pie Face Game €” And It ...
Killer Serials: Writers On Their Favourite Box Sets
One Way Valerian Is Helping Fans Prepare For Next Year's ...
Researcher: Sex Robots May Interfere With Human Intimacy
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Dominates Holiday Box Office
Valarian Comic Is Getting A Full Reprint Ahead Of Movie


Great Sci-Fi in Star Trek Legacies: Best Defense
Passengers Jettisons Compelling Premise For Genre Conventions
Rogue One: Inspired fusion of primal themes and sci-fi wizardry
The OA: this sci-fi mystery dazzles if you push past its mumblecore moments
Travelers Is Your Newest Obsession On Netflix
Westworld was one of 2016’s biggest shows, but it was far from great
Why Arrival is the smart sci-fi movie we've been waiting for


How 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Can Fix the Franchise's Daddy Issues
How 'Westworld' has uncomfortably reflected our world
Is Children Of Men 2016's Most Relevant Film?
It Looks Like Boba Fett Will Indeed Be The Next Star Wars
Lessons Retail Marketers Can Learn From Hbo's Westworld
Let's Talk About That Man In The High Castle Ending
Mars Is Within Reach
Microsoft Spends Big To Build A Computer Out Of Science Fiction
Missed "Midnight Special"? Now's Your Chance To Check Out sci-Fi flick
The most exciting science-fiction films of 2017
The Name Of The Wind - Epic Fantasy Or fictional biography?
Netflix-Serien-Highlights 2017
Nine Problems with Westworld (So Far) according to The American Spectator
Nostalgia In 2016, Ranked: From 'Stranger Things" To "Fuller House"
Okay, Maybe The Robot Apocalypse Will Be A Good Thing
Rogue One doesn’t solve sci-fi’s big problem
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story About Hacking
Rogue One: What Was the Original Ending of the Movie?
Scifi Adventure Podcast Liberty: Critical Research
Sci-Fi Gets Science Right: Passengers Nails the Physics
Scientists Plan To Send Greetings Out To Other Worlds
Sigourney Weaver On An Unexpected Life In Sci-Fi
Sense8 Season 2 Spoilers: Sun's Prison Break Happening
Space Battles, Demogorgons, Ai:Sci-Filives Long And Prosper In 2016
Star Trek Technologies That Might Become Reality Soon
Star Wars Science: Is the Force Contagious?
Star Wars sci-fi exposes scary reality about real military technology
What’s a Star Wars Film Without John Williams?
Why Are There So Many Mon Calamari Admirals in Star Wars?



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