Monday, November 21, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: November 21, 2016

"Ghost in the Shell" by Orlando, Florida-based Joshua M. Smith


Gingernuts of Horror interviews Benjamin Wilkins, author of Transcendence
Michael Chabon On His New Book, The Moonglow
Rinn Reads interviews Daniel Godfrey, author of New Pompeii
SFFWorld interviews To Kill a Kettle Witch author Barb Hendee



Film Crit Hulk Smash: The Haunting Journey Of Under The Skin
Story of Your Purpose: Arrival


All About Westworld
An Astrolinguist Explains How To Talk To Aliens
The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2016
A Brief History of Big Dumb Objects in Sci-Fi
The Case For And Against Sci-Fi mind-Bender 'Arrival'
Demolition Man: It's 20 Years Since Stallone Was Frozen
Ed Harris Returning For Second Season Of Westworld Suggests ...
For Author Who Inspired NatGeo's 'Mars,' It's The Red Planet Or Bust
How HBO Created A Westworld VR Experience
How Many Timelines Are In 'Westworld'?
I Love Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. What Should I Read Next?
Man In Black: Theories From 'Westworld' And 'Lost'
On The Science & Fiction Of Arrival
Our Biggest Questions After Westworld, Episode 8
The Speculative Dread Of Black Mirror
Steven Moffat Has Some Thoughts About Women In Doctor Who
Sue Milliken Preps Feature 'Ladies In Black', Set In Sydney ...
Westworld Introduced A Plot Hole That Seemed Completely Unnecessary
'Westworld': 10 Key Moments From Latest Episode 'Trace Decay'
'Westworld' Is Finally Giving Us Answers
'Westworld' recap: Trace Decay And The Two Timeline Theory
'Westworld' Spoilers: Episode 9 Synopsis Released Online
'Westworld' Finally Answered A Lot Of Questions Fans Have About the Man in Black
'Westworld' May Have Just Confirmed A Character'S Tragic Fate
What Is The Maze On 'Westworld'? Top Theories
Where Is Elsie On 'Westworld'?



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