Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: November 17, 2016

"Ghost in the shell fanart did for TheOne Academy Fictionary exhibition."


Arrival's Timely Message About Empathy. The Film's Screenwriter Talks About The Movie's Geopolitical Elements, Creating An Alien Language, And The Importance Of Communication.
Author Thunderdome - Soward V Skorkowsky
Ghost In The Shell Producer Avi Arad Unconcerned About Whitewashign Controversy
Interview With Lena Gregory, Author Of Death At First Sight
Interview With To Kill A Kettle Witch Author Barb Hendee


Carrie Fisher Reveals 'Intense' Star Wars affair With Harrison Ford
Dean Devlin To Direct Sci-Fi fantasy Countdown
Exclusive: Director Makoto Shinkai On Japanese Animation Your ...
HBO Renews 'Westworld' For Season 2; Spoilers Suggest New ...
JJ Abrams Is Co-Producing A Comedy Play For Broadway
Meet The Rebellion's New Heroes In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Neil Gaiman Is Working Onsci-Fitv Series 'The Building' For Fox
Neil Gaiman Working With Fox On Sci-Fi Series off The Movie Parallels
SF Magazines Analog And Asimov's Are Switching To A Bimonthly Schedule
Sci-Fi love Is In The Air Between Fox And Divergent Author
Seminal Sci-Finovel Stranger In Strange Land To Become SyFy TV Show
Star Wars: Dolby Releases Striking New Rogue One Poster
Star Wars 8 Details About Benicio Del Toro's Character Emerge
Stephen Hawking Just Gave Humanity A Due Date For Finding Another Planet
This Is How AI Will Take Over The World And Why We Need To Stop NowWestworld creator Solves Major Mystery With New Footage On Reddit
Will Sci-Fi Bots Write The Next Great Dystopian Novel?
Stranger Things Season 2 Cast Updates Child Actors
The Woman Who Wrote The Last Classic 'Doctor Who' Story Will Return For Season 10


Arrival Movie Review: What Should We Do When Extraterrestrials Come
Arrival Review: A Near-Futuresci-Filesson That Says A Lot About ...
The Expanse, On Netflix, Is A Lot Smarter Than Mostsci-Fi 
Infinite Warfare Delivers A Fun Sci-Fi story 


E=MCU: Linking The Dimensions Of 'Doctor Strange' And 'Inception'
How Ghost in the Shell Hopes to Surpass the Anime Despite the Controversy
How Having A Kid Changed The Way I Watch movies
How Novelist Ken Liu Is Bringing Chinese Sci-Fi To The Western World
How Popular Dystopia Allows Us To Keep Real Horrors At Arm's Length
How William Shatner Feels About His Relationship With Star Trek
In Space, Star Treks You: Is Gene Roddenberry's Vision Communist
James Cameron Wants His Avatar Sequels To Inspire Environmental Activists
Moviesstill Playing In The Fredericksburg Area
Neil Gaiman And Fox Are Developing The Building, A NewSci-Fi Series
A New Arrival Stakes Its Claim on Science Fiction scene
New International Posters And TV Spots For Rogue One
New West World clues Make The Multiple Timelines Difficult To Deny
Paul Verhoeven Says The Starship Troopers Remake Should ...
President Trump Will Lead To Darker, Defiant Science Fiction
Read An Excerpt From Michael Crichton's 'Dragon Teeth'
Reading Between The Lines: Park Chan-Wook's The Handmaiden
Science Fiction News Paper Reporting News From A Futuristic Muslim Caliphate
So You Want To Be A Wizard By Diane Duane 
Star Wars Identities Will Convert Non-Fans To The Force
Star Wars8 Rumours Hint At Benicio Del Toro And Laura Dern's Characters
Star Wars episode VIII Filming In Somerset: We've Got To The Bottom Of ...
Star Wars Land: Attack Of The Drones
State Of The State 2016: Brexit Blues And Sci-Fi services
Sylvester Akhaine's Logic Of Struggle And Humanism
Tether Is A Sci-Fihorror Game About Sacrifice And Parenting
The Force Is Strong In Nissan Rogue One Star Wars edition
The Future Tech Of 'Incorporated' Is The Real Dystopia
The Real-Life Linguist Behind Arrival Weighs The Chilling Challenges Of Alien Contact
The Robots Are Winning On Westworld
The Top 12 Best And Most Beloved Sci-Fi and Fantasy Sequels
Violent Delights: Parsing Westworld's Literary References
Westworld: Episode 8 Trace Decay Photos Released
'Westworld' Spoilers: Jonathan Nolan Answers the Question no one asked
'Westworld' Spoilers: The Best Theories On Who Arnold Might Be
What We Can Know And What We Can Change: The Optimism of Arrival
What Gives Alien Its Classic Status?
Why Scarlett Johansson Is The Perfect Casting Choice For Ghost In The Shell
Will The Circle Be Unbroken, And Will I Sell More Than Only Scifi? 
The World Needs Scientific Values More Than Ever



Watch: New Trailer For UK Re-Release Of Donnie Darko
Watch Lost Boy, A Gorgeous And Gritty Cyberpunk Short Film
Watch The Pilot Episode Of "Incorporated," Matt Damon & Ben Affleck's New Syfy Show

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