Monday, April 18, 2016

Link Round-Up: April 18, 2016

Adorable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Wedding Cake Topper

Fan builds original Star Wars poster and his favorite scenes from each movie out of LEGO

For the Love of Spock documentary remembers Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek

Fully Operational Fandom: Kelly Krider’s Stunning Millennium Falcon-on-Jakku Diorama

Hand-Drawn Coloring Book Reveals Mathematical Beauty Of Nature’s Designs With Golden Ratio Illustrations

How Game of Thrones‘ FX Wizards Turn This Actor Into a Towering Giant

Interstellar performed on a church organ

Overwatch Tracer Cosplay Will Totally “WOW” You!

Star Wars podracing under the sea with Ariel

Watch the New “At the Mountains of Madness” short film

With Great Power Comes A Great Superhero Business Card!

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