Monday, April 4, 2016

Comic Round-Up: April 4, 2016

News: First Luke Cage Episodes Helmed by 'Sherlock' Director

Previews: Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand. Delete" #1

The 10 Best Daredevil/Elektra Moments From Season 2

10 Reasons To Be Excited For Preacher

10 Worst Changes Made to Famous Superheroes

11 Best TV/Movie/Video Game Spinoff Comics Of All Time

12 Weirdest Moments in Spider-Man History

25 Greatest Punisher Covers of All-Time

American Kingdom – What If America Was Never A Democracy?

Fallout 4's Impression Of The Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The First Luke Cage Teaser Has Arrived and It’s Great

A Gail Simone Inspired Marriage Proposal? Love Is In The Air At C2E2 ’16

How Batman v Superman Sets the Tone For the Entire DC Movie Universe

Is That The Wrong Stormtrooper On Marvel’s Adaptation Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

These New DAREDEVIL Posters Are Awesome…and a Tad Creepy

The Secret to Making Daredevil's Fight Scenes Look So Real

Should The Comics Be R-Rated Too? Marvel Celebrates 25 Years Of Deadpool At C2E2

The Walking Dead: 12 Differences Between The Comics and The TV Series

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