Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lecture: How Technology Shapes Story

The Future Of StoryTelling video series has released an animated lecture from Margaret Atwood on how technology shapes the way we tell stories.  As was the case with the advent of the Gutenberg Press nearly 600 years ago, modern digital platforms such as the internet and ebooks have created new ways for us to distribute and share stories.  Atwood is one author who has never shied away from new technologies, publishing past works on Wattpad and Twitter.  This video is part of a marketing campaign to raise awareness that Atwood will be participating in The Future of Storytelling Summit on October 7 and 8.
"As a critic, activist, and award-winning author of speculative fiction, Margaret Atwood has always been looking ahead. In her glances toward the future, she’s often searching for how technology influences content. The digital transition has already run through an entire era of online evolution, fossilizing a first round of experiments that failed to catch on. But serial stories, online collaborations, and sites like Wattpad, which connects tens of millions of new authors, are leading the way in a new wave of innovation. We’ve always told stories—it’s part of our humanity—but how those stories are created and shared is changing all the time, and Atwood’s looking to share her excitement about it at this year’s FoST."

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