Friday, January 3, 2014

Link Round-Up: January 3, 2014


Digital artist Tahar Abroudjameur created this haunting image of a skull-like nebula by re-imagining a Hubble photo of two colliding spiral galaxies. Called "The Universe Is In Us," it's one of many contributions to the NASA remix project.

16 New York City Instagrammers You Should Follow

Alien or YouTubian? Intricate crop circle appears in California.

CLICKittyCAT is a hand-drawn webcomic that satirizes the photography profession.

Guillermo del Toro Shares 14 Creative Insights From His Spectacular Cabinet Of Curiosities Sketch Book

Natural Palettes is an awesome new Tumblr devoted to matching colors from the Pantone spectrum with gorgeous natural landscapes. Color aficionado will love and both simple and striking scenes from nature.  It’s easy to get lost scrolling through the collection.
Watch Music Turn Into A 3D-Printed Augmented Reality Sculpture

Wired has an interesting design piece on how Home Depot has improved the bucket.

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