Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Link Round-Up: October 2, 2013

Breaking Bad fan art.

Interview: Scott Lobdell Talks Superman at Las Vegas Comic Expo

Interview: V for Vendetta artist  David Lloyd talks about his online comics anthology Aces Weekly, which he launched just about a year ago.

News: NASA prepares to launch 3D printer into space

How Many Earths? is a really cool interactive website by New Scientist geared towards explaining how many Earth-like, potentially habitable exoplanets NASA’s Kepler telescope has discovered.

Instructables has posted instructions for building a Fully Articulated Battle Robot Action Figure using a 3D printer.  I think that if I'd been able to make one of these as a kid, I never would have satisfied with an action figure from a store ever again.

At Nearly 40 Years Old, the Original D&D Gets a New Deluxe Edition

You're all just jealous of my Jetpack is a Tumblr devoted to cartoons by Tom Gauld, the cartoonist for The Guardian.

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