Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crafts: Bridge Yarn Bombing

This tentacular piece of yarnbombing is the work of Jill Watt (Dapper Toad) and her sister Lorna (Knits For Life). This isn’t their first knitted creation, but it is their largest to date.  The sisters used over four miles of yarn to transform this Magnolia tree in San Mateo, California into a giant blue squid. They even knitted some crocheted goldfish into the squid’s tentacles.
"Lorna, an artist-in-residence for the Downtown San Mateo Association, wrote up a great post on how she and her sister conceived of, designed, and then created the “Yarnbomb Squid Tree.” Jill reports that it took 20 hours on a sweater machine to make enough to cover the tree and that it took them 14 hours to install it, in 91°F weather!”


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