Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Event: Comics: Philosophy and Practice

For three days in May of 2012, seventeen cartoonists gathered at the University of Chicago to discuss the philosophy and practice of comics.  Art Spiegelman and W. J. T. Mitchell begin the conference by asking the question, "What the %$#! Happened to Comics?"  You can watch videos of most of the event's panels using the links below.

Day One
What the %$#! Happened to Comics? - Art Spiegelman and W.J.T. Mitchell

Day Two
Comics and Autobiography - Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Justin Green, et al
Good Grief, More What the %$#! Happened to Comics? - Joe Sacco and W.J.T. Mitchell
Conversation - Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Kristen Schilt
Graphic Novel Forms Today - Charles Burns, Dan Clowes, Seth, Chris Ware
Blown Covers - Fran├žoise Mouly with Robert Crumb, Chris Ware, and Dan Clowes
Conversation - Alison Bechdel and Hilary Chute

Day Three
Lines on Paper - Ivan Brunetti, Lynda Barry, Gary Panter, and Robert Crumb

Unfortunately video of Ben Katchor's lecture, Halftone Printing in the Yiddish Press and Other Objects of Idol Worship does not seem to be available. And in lieu of Lynda Barry's Writing the Unthinkable workshop, here's a NYT piece on it and an interview she did with PRI about creativity.

On the actual comics end of things, cartoonist Jessica Abel created a four page reportage comic about the conference (PDF) and provides outakes of interesting moments and exchanges that she didn't have room for.

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