Friday, February 22, 2013

Papercraft: Cardboard Optimus Prime

Warner just finished creating this ten foot tall cardboard robot for a class project.  Check out these Work in Progress photos.

"For my A-Level (Second year) my coursework project was based around the theme of Transformers, a franchise I am a big fan of. What better main-piece to do than create a giant scuplture?!

Due to budget and time limitations, I thought it'd be best to construct it out of cardboard. Unfortunatly for me, I'm not Primus and can't create transformers at will! This guy took around 1 year in total to complete.

Hope you enjoy looking at these piccys and don't forget to look at the completed piece afterwards, just lower your expectations is all i'm going to say... :/"
"This is the completed and fully assembled Optimus Prime created for my A-Level (A2) art c/w project. It really didn't turn out as well as I was expecting. His proportions, for one thing, are slightly off, and the hips are way too skinny for my liking. Also, the hands haven't been permanently attached due to lack of effort."

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