Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fresh Take: Wall-E


Artist Rafael Benedicto (SgtHK) re-imagines Pixar's sweet-natured trashbot as a buff and armed Johnny 5-style unit. E.V.E. gets a similar make-over, ending up looking something like a version of Samus designed by Apple.
"For a long time I've been making heavy, highly-complex, and gritty 3d models that took months to make. So this time I decided to make a more simplistic and elegant robotic character inspired by the androids in Portal 2 and (you guessed it) E.V.E. from Wall-E.

Everything from concept sketch to final render was done in 4 days.

I am planning on submitting a full tutorial from concept, to initial modeling, to rigging, to refined modeling, to texturing, then finally to rendering.

I focused particularly on the elbow and knee joints when it came to rigging her. As I found out, in robotic characters, using a smaller separate bone at the elbows and knees allows for more natural behavior compared to directly linking the upper and lower bones without using the third middle bone."

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