Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Electronic Art: Electri-Cities

"The Electri-City is a miniature cityscape made from recycled printed circuit boards and other waste electronic components with an integrated lighting system, all contained inside a sturdy acrylic and glass coffee table. All shapes and sizes are possible, along with lighting and functionality options – if there’s something you want the city to do (play music, show pictures, run a train set, check your email), the possibility is there."

"In addition to the table models, wall-hanging Electri-Cities are available – built around a hemisphere these pieces resemble a city covering a small planet or an aerial view of a city as through a fish-eye lens."
"These pieces conjure an image of a future society built from what we throw away. Utopian or dystopian, the Electri-Cities are as entrancing as they are intricate and will draw people back again and again."

A aerial view over a minature cityscape built from electronics. The City is built into a glass-topped coffee table - so the installation is not just an intricate artwork, it's also a practical, interactive piece of furniture.

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