Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Installation: MEGA DEATH

To me, this looks like a read-out that would be right at home in the lair of a Bond villain, but, believe it or not, this darkly ominous piece is a contemplation of Buddhist philosophy. Read all about the thinking behind this concept piece at Miyajima's website.
The Counter Gadgets (LEDs) in my work symbolize the glitter of human life (The Life). The Counter Gadgets count down from nine to one, on to complete darkness without indicating "zero" and returning to nine and repeats itself. The transformation and glitter of the numbers symbolize "life" of man and the darkness of "zero" symbolizes "death".

This work is my attempt to show the beauty of "Natural Life Time" as a majestic and universal symphony, the contrast of terror when it is suddenly destroyed, and to question people what they think about the meaning of "Artificial Mega Death".

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