Monday, January 30, 2012

Link Round-Up: January 30, 2012

Photographed by Anders Sune Berg
LEGO’s developmental department known as LEGO PMD have a new space to inspire their creative juices. The Rosan Bosch & Rune Fjord masterminded space is very much in line with the brand’s disposition as one of the world’s premiere toy companies with several opportunities for adults to reminisce in their childhood. A wide-open work space covers different points of interest whether it be a large metallic slide and massive display cabinets, to a peaceful bonsai garden and parts bin where children and adults alike can feel comfortable creating.

Interview: Meet the artist who takes being 'immersed in his work' to an entirely new level. Levi Van Veluw fuses sculpture, photography and installation art to stunning effect as he camouflages himself to fit into a series of carefully constructed backgrounds.

Dennis Maitland takes urban photography to new heights by taking pictures of himself leaning down the side of rooftops in this daring new series that takes #fromwhereistand to the next level….

USS Enterprise Coffee Table is furniture’s final frontier

I hope that if my kid becomes a Lego freak he'll make stuff like the Citadel from Mass Effect. The rest of the photostream has more really cool Lego creations, so browse away.

Robot Media is offering a utility for creating interactive children's books for tablets.

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