Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gallery: Bottle Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles in Kaunas, Lithuania
Photos by Artūro Morozovo

This amazing thirteen meter tall Christmas tree was officially lit on December 4th, 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania. According to the original sources like Delfi and Lrytas, the tree was constructed of thirty-two thousand plastic green bottles and forty thousand Christmas trees held erect on a metal frame.

The Christmas tree looks really great, and it’s especially beautiful at night when it’s lit from the inside and the green bottles start to sparkle.

“Green color represents peace, nature and ecology. Ecology is expensive, and only conscious Europeans understand that ecology costs money. We are lucky, because we didn’t have to spend the budget money,” explains the tree's creator, Jolanta Smidtienė. However, some people argue that with all those lights used to lit the tree it isn’t so green after all. Aapparently, the tree stirred some controversy when it was discovered that the bottles had been bought new from a local company.

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