Monday, December 19, 2011

Artist: Scott Listfield

"The Parking Ticket"

Scott Listfield resides in Massachusetts. His site, the Astronaut Dinosaur is devoted to paintings of dinosaurs and - you guessed it - astronauts. The astronaut portraits are especially intriguing.  They almost seem to be set in a post-human world, maybe a post-apocalyptic world, devoid of other life.  They put me in mind of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
“While there are probably a hundred reasons I make art, I can think of two that, if either one stopped being true, I’d probably go do something else. First, I enjoy it. That might sound stupid, but there is no real glory in making art, it’s not any more noble a thing to do with your time than anything else. If I didn’t like doing it, I’d stop.

Second, I have something to say. Art is really about communication for me (OK, and astronauts). When I started out I wasn’t very good at it (you can make your own judgement if I’m any better at it now), but I felt strongly like I had something to say, and I felt like there wasn’t anyone else who was saying it. I wanted to make paintings that were funny, but also serious. I wanted them to have a point and be a conversation. I wanted people to see them and think about them, or laugh, or both.

Of course, I also wanted people to know that I had made them. It’s important to me to create something that extends beyond my small group of friends and relatives. I guess if you have something to say, it helps if somebody is actually paying attention.

I suppose that those are fairly simple reasons, but so far they are enough to keep me returning to my studio.”

"Men’s Room"

"In The Laundromat with Boba Fett"

"The Coke Machine"


"They Come"

"A Close Encounter"

"The Iceberg"



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