Friday, October 7, 2011

Link Round-Up: October 7, 2011

The cover of the October 17, 2011, issue of The New Yorker.

The Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot will sink his statue of Hans Christian Andersen into Odense Harbor this Saturday, and pull it out again next year on Andersen’s birthday. The Guardian "Artist Jens Galschiot's bronze sculpture of the fairytale author has stood in Odense town square for the last five years. According to Galschiot, the city was planning to make it part of The Storyteller's Fountain, a larger sculpture intended to be placed in the centre of Odense, honouring the Danish author by recreating the stories he wrote."

The dream of a laptop-powered "knowledge class" is dead. The media is melting. Blame the economy -- and the Web

Easy Steampunk Design is Not Just a Pipe Dream

NSFW DC reboot motivational posters

Star Trek Inspirational Posters (by Gary)

Steve Jobs Was Our Elvis

The Video Games of Today Reimagined in 8 and 16 Bits

'The Zen Of Steve Jobs' Graphic Novel To Explore Apple Co-Founder's Mind For Design

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