Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Event: 24-Hour Comics Day 2011

Scott McCloud's dare-inspired 24-Hour Comics Day turned 21 this past weekend and cartoonists the world over showed up in full force to participate. Calling on creators to complete 24 pages completely from scratch in the span of a single orbit cycle, 24-Hour Comics Day is considered a grueling challenge and those who complete it wear their final products like a badge of honor.

Download a PDF of Wango the Wallaby: Trouble in Consoletown by Kevin Freitas and James Stowe.

Dracula the Unconquered artist Steve Downer posted a pic of his completed pages. Look for them to show up on his website, Downer Illustration.

Emi Lenox teased her 24-Hour comic, Perfecting Loneliness, via Twitter, but you can view the scanned pages in their entirety at Perfecting Loneliness.

Galen Dara and Jaym Gates' Song in My Bones can be read in full on Flickr. They detail the comic's creation on Dara's blog.

If you're looking for a massive photo comic detailing 24-Hour Comics Day, you'll likely find Warren Peace's blog covering a multi-artist event at Chicago's Challenger Comics delightful.

Lea Hernandez has posted her appropriately titled Cute to her Flickr account .

Mike Norton completed the pug-filled The Curse 3.0 issue of Battlepug

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