Friday, June 10, 2011

Short Film: Thursday

Directed by Matthias Hoegg of the Royal College of Art
In the future, technology may change, but the patterns and routines of daily life stay constant—until we disrupt them. It starts as just another Thursday in a not-so-distant future where we meet a regular working man who begins the day with the typical routines of daily life: morning alarm, coffee, work. The point is made clear that, though this future may have new technology, day to day life doesn’t stray far from today. And though we humans can set routines for ourselves, nature can always disrupt it as it does when a bird pulls a cable that cuts power to city workers. One worker, a woman, arranges to meet the man for an evening date. The two enjoy an elevator ride miles up to an orbiting observatory where they observe the city’s beautiful display of traffic patterns.

There’s a great interview with Matthias on Motionographer where he discusses more of his process.

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