Thursday, June 30, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 30, 2011

After noticing the iCloud logo’s irregular shape, Takamasa Matsumoto found that the golden ratio was included in the inner circles as well as the logo as a whole, meaning Apple’s put more thought into this logo than I have for my entire site. Via: Business Insider

The 10 most important artists today, according to Newsweek.

50 Creatively Designed 404 Error Pages Worth Checking Out

An Astronaut Photographer’s View from Space

The Millennium Falcon Beanbag that Adidas didn’t see fit to make available for purchase. Damn tease.

South African anthropologist thinks Shakespeare may have been a pothead, wants to open his grave.

Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play forever. Have fun.

Topographically-accurate LED replica of the Moon by Nosigner.

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