Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Link Round-Up: May 16, 2017

Google Gives Us The Opportunity To Create Our Own Google Assistant

How VHS Tapes and Bootleg Translations Started an Anime Fan War in the 90s: In early 1997, a competing group, Central Anime, allegedly made copies of Tomodachi's subs and released them under their own name. This was seen as bad form and a sort of dishonour among thieves. Tomodachi retaliated by refusing to release the show's final 20 episodes, which they had already finished subtitling, to anyone.

Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton and writer Courtney E. Martin created a manifesto for creative resilience. Three versions of the above poster are available online — red, white, and blue, black and white, and rainbow — with all proceeds donated to Hedgebrook, a rural writing residency for women.

Rainbow Village: Indonesian Government Invests $22,467 To Paint 232 Slum Houses

Retro Tech And The Value Of Nostalgia

The Secret History of William Gibson’s Never-Filmed Aliens Sequel (Script)

Sushi Chef and food artist Yujia Hu of SakanaSushi in Milan, Italy has created Shoe-Shi, a brilliant series of popular sneakers in miniature made with sticky rice, sushi nori and other typical ingredients of sushi and sushi rolls. Among the various brands he’s recreated are original Adidas, Air Jordan by Nike , ZO2 by IKEA and old school Vans, just to name a few. And the best thing about them is that they are good enough to eat.

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