Thursday, October 29, 2015

Link Round-Up: October 29, 2015

Thanatos by Apterus

23 Two-Sentence Horror Stories to Terrify Your Coworkers

All Hallow's Read: Give Someone a Scary Book for Halloween!

Best Books To Read For Halloween!  "These are books that should get the essence of Halloween going and give people a sure scare!" Goodreads' list of 536 books to get your fright on.
Halloween with A Toddler: Fiction vs Fact. "You should know that if you consume your child's Halloween stash, they have technically worked for you as an independent contractor and therefore need to be given payment/W-9 or you are committing tax fraud."

Ink Mapping is a innovative project by Oskar & Gaspar, that transforms normal body tattoos into live, animated ones.

"It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" by Colin Nissan

Pumpkin boats, whether captained by avant-gourd record-smashers or costumed squads of competitive squashbucklers, have sprouted up as part of fall festivals across North America. The splashing pumpkins have been spotted in Tualatin Oregon, Elk Grove California, Salt Lake City Utah, Cooperstown New York, Damariscotta Maine, and Lake Pesaquid in Nova Scotia, home of the Windsor Pumpkin Regatta.

The Scariest Story Ever Told: "At the end of a quiet road, behind a veil of twisted black oak trees, there was a house. A woman lived there. On bitter nights like this one, she sat by the fire and read until she grew tired enough for sleep. But on this night, as her lids grew heavy, she was startled by a sound. A sound she wasn’t accustomed to hearing these days. Who could be calling, she wondered? And this late? She rose from her chair and picked up the phone."

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