Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: July 1, 2015

Discussion: It never fails to amaze how enthusiastic people still are about Babylon 5.

Interview: The Cybersecurity Podcast interviews Cory Doctorow, author of In Real Life.

Interview: My Bookish Ways interviews Sarah Lotz, author of Day Four.

Interview: Notes from Coode Street interviews Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Aurora.

Interview: Qwillery interviews Ishbelle Bee, author of The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath, recently released by Angry Robot Books.

Interview: Rising Shadow interviews Gail Z. Martin, author of Iron & Blood.

Interview: Scientific American interviews James S. A. Corey, author of Nemesis Games.

Interview: Suvudu interviews Margaret Fortune, author of Nova.

Interview: ThinkProgress interviews Paolo Bacigalupi, author of The Water Knife.

Interview: Why Send Humans to Space When We Can Send Robots? Noam Chomsky and Lawrence Krauss in an Origins Project dialogue over at Motherboard.

News: 2015 Locus Awards Winners have been announced.

News: Somehow, There’s Going to Be a Sequel to Lucy. Am I the only one who thinks that this is a clear waste of our nation’s precious Scarlett Johansson supply?
News: This week, Google released a research paper chronicling one of its latest forays into artificial intelligence. It turns out that Google’s AI bot thinks the purpose of life is “to live forever.” I feel like this is the point at which history students of the future will ask why we didn’t begin dumping our computers into the ocean.

Review: Advantageous is “The Movie Every Screwed Millennial Should Watch.”

Review: Hacker Drama Mr. Robot Is Scary, Paranoia-Inducing, and Awesome.

Review: Humans is a Robot Chiller for the Smartphone Era.

6 Beloved SF/F Authors Who Hated Their Legacies.

9 Awesome Appearances by Real Figures in SF.

12 Books to Help You Prepare for the Coming Singularity.

14 TV Shows That Reinvented Science Fiction In The Past Decade.

27 Geeky Things About the New Star Trek Movies.

The 50 most daring film roles for women since Ripley.

Dystopia or Utopia: Is it Really so Hard to Believe in the World of Tomorrow?

The Essential Cyberpunk Reading List.

Hackers watch Hackers: “Hackers was a financial flop, but its hilariously over-the-top early CGI visuals, oddly prescient view on technology, and glam-cyberpunk aesthetic rendered it a cult classic. To honor its 20th anniversary—at a time dogged by newfound fears about what the future of technology holds—we thought it would be fitting to bring together a group of actual hackers to screen and discuss the film.”

How Accurate Is Hacker Series Mr. Robot? More accurate than any previous fictional cyberpunk script, but that’s not a very high bar.

How An X-Files Script Started A Successful Horror Franchise.

How would the World’s Religions respond to the Singularity?

If Hollywood won’t feature modern superheroines then it’s up to YA fiction.

Mr. Robot shows how much hackers have changed in the popular imagination.

Orphan Black Has a Villain Decay Problem.

Tech Times offers 5 Reasons To Watch Syfy’s New Space Drama Killjoys.

Threat from Artificial Intelligence not just Hollywood fantasy: Oxford academic Dr Stuart Armstrong warns humanity runs the risk of creating super intelligent computers that eventually destroy us all.

The Water Knife: Post-Apocalyptic Future Could Become Reality All Too Soon.

What Do These 5 Upcoming Sci-fi Movies Have to Tell Us About Our Own Future?

Why modern CGI feels less real than 90’s or, Why Special Effects Peaked in the 90’s.

Why YA fiction needs to tell stories of mental illness.

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