Thursday, May 28, 2015

Short Film: Donning the Digital Mask

"Donning the Digital Mask: Anonymous" is a Senior project of Chris Finn from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  While it's a bit short on plot, it's long on style.  It looks like the setup for the coolest Hollywood hacker movie ever, and it's presented in a way that makes me believe a film based on this concept would make one hell of a great movie.
"Since its beginning on 4chan, the internet-driven collective Anonymous has emerged as one of the leading hacktivist movements, targeting high-profile institutions with fearless cyber attacks. Looking into how this collective of online hackers went from pranksters to vigilantes for global justice lead to an intriguing discovery of unique qualities that form Anonymous. A certain tonal element of Anonymous resonated with me and immediately translated into an exciting aesthetic I was eager to take on. There is a mesmerizing and compelling, but also terrifying quality to the dynamic spread of a collective who’s story is being written with every new day and operation."

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