Monday, April 6, 2015

Street Art: Terry Pratchett Murals

London Sir Terry Pratchett Mural by Dr Zadok and Jim Vision
Source: The Telegraph

Painted memorials to the fantasy author, who died earlier this year, have appeared in Bristol and London,

This East End mural was created by street artists (who The Telegraph calls "muralists") Dr Zadok and Jim Vision.  It's located on Code Street, near to where Brick Lane meets Sclater Street, and features author Terry Pratchett, along with some of his best known characters, including Death, Binky, Rincewind, A’Tuin, the Death of Rats, and Albert.  You can check out a progress picture that was tweeted last week.

It's a fantastic tribute, especially considering that Pratchett was notably pro-graffiti, once being quoted as saying, "You ignore graffiti at your peril. It's the heartbeat of a city. It's the voice of the voiceless."

Source: Twitter

This Terry Pratchett graffiti appeared in Stokes Croft, Bristol.

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