Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Short Film: Don't Call It A Comeback

"Don't Call It A Comeback" Written & directed by Ramin Serry
A mini-sequel to the critically-acclaimed feature film, Loveless.

"Don't Call It A Comeback" is a light-hearted romantic comedy.  In it, a New York bachelor in the middle of promising date keels over and dies.  He then manages to convince the angel who greets him into giving him a second chance, but the angel seems dead set on interfering with the rest of his night.

Don't Call It a Comeback is a small sequel to Ramin Serry's feature-length film Loveless.  While the short is fairly light and a bit short on actual narrative, the excellent chemistry between the lead actors, Andrew von Urtz, Riva Di Paola, and Harry Sinclair, makes this a film worth watching.
"A Manhattan bachelor dies and tries to convince an angel to put him back into his body so he can have a one night-stand."

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