Thursday, July 25, 2013

Link Round-Up: July 25, 2013

Fire Nouveau by Zimmay

"Fire Nouveau" by Zimmay
Prints and merchandise available from the StoreEnvy and Redbubble.

Atlanta-based artist Elizabeth Beals imagine Female Superheroes as Hipsters.

Complex has compiled lists both of The 30 Most Influential Designers of All Time and The Best Designers Who Are In Their Twenties

Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

Francis Ching is professor emeritus of architecture at the University of Washington who keeps a blog of his city-focused sketches. Discussion varies from thinking about construction and layout to materials and focus when drawing scenes.

Isaac Cordal makes little figures out of concrete, painting some, while leaving others their native grey color. He then places them in various places and situations around Europe, and has set them up in gallery shows. You might find them in the street, sitting on rooftops, precariously balanced on a pipe, standing up to their waists in water with a life preserver, or standing in the snow. The figures are made in clay, then a silicone mold is made in which the concrete is cast. Street Art London has an interview with Cordal.

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