Friday, June 28, 2013

Link Round-Up: June 28, 2013

Adventure Time: Heroes by MomerathAyD
The first 3D Printed Fashion Show in history was held in Malaysia recently. The fashion was intriguing, but I don't expect you'll be seeing it available at the mall anytime soon.

LEGO Unveils 3,000 Brick Sydney Opera House

Olympus Overdrive is a webcomic in which the gods of Greek mythology compete to replace Zeus as the ruler of Olympus. Each deity is rebooted into the modern world and bound to a mortal companion, and together they must try to defeat the other teams. The winner immortal gets Zeus's Thunderbolt, while the winner mortal gets anything they desire.

Rifftrax  hilariously carries on the tradition of MST3k. And though the premise is much the same as before, the Rifftrax folks have added something new: MP3 Commentaries. Instead of confining themselves to public domain and titles whose rights are easy to procure, they do commentaries on Hollywood blockbusters in audio form only. The MST3K spin-off movie riffing series just completed a "best of five years" compilation video.

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