Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sculpture: Engraved Self-Portrait

Engraved Self-Portrait by Angela Palmer

Oxford-based sculptor Angela Palmer captures beautifully detailed three-dimensional views of medical CT and MRI scans in glass. Just as magnetic fields are used to carefully image layer after layer of internal anatomy, Palmer uses vertically layered glass to etch her own topology. She says her inspiration for these works is a lifelong fascination with maps and visual topographies.

"I have always loved maps. The process of investigating and visualizing topographies, natural forms and landscapes, and then producing them in a form which captures their essence is endlessly fascinating and satisfying. This desire to ‘map’ is at the core of my work, whether it be the internal architecture of the human head or the physical geography of the planet. Peeling back the layers to expose the hidden natural world is a recurring theme, in this context I have appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to work with scientists in every conceivable discipline, from radiologists and botanists, to engineers specialising in bio-fluidics, to dust-mite and spider experts, veterinary scientists, paediatric dentists and specialists in ancient Egyptian dyes."

"Self Portrait and Double Self Portrait Based on MRI Scans," 2011.


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