Sunday, March 13, 2011

"This Fantasy World" by the Doubleclicks

"This Fantasy World" by The Doubleclicks, with animation by Brad Jonas

You're sure not tall, and you're not all that attractive,
Cause you're a level-8 dwarf and you drink too much ale,
You drink way too much ale.
But you've got a nice axe
and you know how to use it it's +2 against zombies
and the moment you set foot in this campaign
you set a magic missile on my heart
and charm person on my brain
Dungeons and Dragons

Yes I like playing Dungeons and Dragons with you
yes I do yes I like playing Dungeons and Dragons
But I want to get you out of this fantasy world
and into my fantasy
and out of this basement and into the sun
Dungeons and Dragons

One time you saved me, by setting the oncoming horde of golems on fire
and one time you saved me from the mouth of a volcano
cuz you can levitate which was a very clever spell choice
and I think the other players might be starting to suspect,
cuz you're always saving me when shit turns to heck
but this is so much more than Dungeons and Dragons

(chorus)...where you could be my boyfriend
and we could go out to dinner/Dungeons and Dragons

As we finish this battle, and we slay the dragon
and look around her lair for loot like gold and magic items,
I look around this room at all these fucking nerds
and their fucking dice
and their primarily windows-based computers
and their Doritos and Mountain Dew
Everything here is disgusting but you...
Dungeons and Dragons

(chorus).. and into my bed, where we could have sex
Dungeons and Dragons

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