Monday, September 6, 2010

Mash-Up: Hello Kitty Mock-Ups

Auckland-based Illustrator / Designer Joseph Senior has a few Hello-Kitty pop-culture mash-ups to share, since his last series of eye-poppers, with this new series showcasing a variety of themes. Shown below are my top three favs (of the new series). CLICK THRU to see the rest!


"These Hello Kitty mash-ups started out in life as a kind of tribute to George Lucas and Star Wars, and have sort of branched out from there ... I had a break from doing them for a while, but I'm back to doing more of them." mentions Joseph. As for these designs being made into tangible figurines (as most folks had desired), Joseph also adds: "Since I don't own the rights to Hello Kitty or any of the 'characters' I paint, I don't know how I could ever market my 'little friends'."



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