Friday, March 31, 2017

Fan Art Round-Up: Ghost in the Shell Pt 1

"Major Kusanagi" by Philippines-based Abigail Diaz (Serafleur)
A gallery of fan art featuring Major Matoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell.

If you'd told fifteen year old me that there would be a live action adaptation of my favorite manga with CG worthy of the franchise, I would have called you a liar.  But today's the release of Ghost in the Shell, and I couldn't be more excited.  To celebrate, I've rounded up a gallery of some of my favorite fan art featuring the Major, who is undoubtedly among the most badass heroines ever conceived.

As always, if you know of an exceptional piece of fan art I've missed or you spot a piece I've miscredited, please drop me a note below!

"Ghost in the Shell" by Singapore-based Ignatius Tan (Muju)

"Ghost in the Shell" by Taiwan-based Alagan inc

"A fun 2.5 hrs portrait done during my usual google hangout with my apprentices. "

"Ghost in Shell .nsfw optional." by Quebec, Canada-based Sakimichan

"Arrest" by Singapore-based GUWEIZ

"Ghost in the Shell - Final" by Singapore-based GUWEIZ

Final Ghost In The Shell piece! Interesting experience to work with a composition I've never really tried before, but I feel it's a suitable one to present the theme of Identity by contrasting the 2 sides of the Major.

It's funny, as I was deciding what her face should look like I thought a lot about prosthetic bodies. I mean, if Batou is basically Arnold Schwarzeneggar (look at him in issue 6 of the original manga) and Motoko has had her cyborg body since childhood, I imagine they're all pretty idealized. If that's the case, the Japanese tend to like more western looking faces. It's the curse of every culture ever. Everyone wants to look like whatever is considered rare in their society, so they tend not to be as into the standard. Ergo, I bet The Major's face is a bit racially ambiguous. That being said, I did not intend for her to look as much like ScarJo as she does, that totally happened on it's own.

"Ghost In The Shell" by Brazil-based Mariana Souza (cosmogirll)

"Major Motoko Kusanagi" by South Africa-based Liam (EtchedLines)

This one I did it for the weekly challenge offered by Cubebrush ( they've got pretty cool stuff in there) .  It is based on the anime, manga and now live action movie "Ghost in the Shell" . It portrays the main character Kusanagi after what seems to have been a violent moment as her body shows.

"Kusanagi" by Malaysia-based Daniel Kamarudin (theDURRRRIAN)

My entry for InkInk Collectibles Ghost in the Shell show. Theres a whole bunch of great art by some great artists done for the gallery show so go to InkInk's page on facebook and check it all out. The prints are now available over at INKINK collectables if you want to pick one up

Motoko Kusanagi from one of my favorite scifi series, Ghost in the shell. The print is available for purchase here.

As weird a movie as Ghost in the Shell is (and it is super weird, at least in it's pacing) it was incredibly formative for me. Something about those questions that we just take for granted: what is it to be human? are we even real? that captured my imagination. Also, badass naked cyborgs and gunplay. What's not to love? You can buy this as a print here

Based on original poster Ghost in the Shell(1995)

I saw the design of Kusanagi on Ghost in the Shell MMO, so I painted her at A1 300dpi with a new ambience. Only a fan art from the original art by Lee Jisu.

"Kusanagi" by France-based Maxime des TOUCHES (Elreviae)

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