Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: August 28, 2017

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" by Paul Mann


Alan Yentob On Handmaid's Tale Author Margaret Atwood
The Vault Director Dan Bush Discusses The Film's Unique Genre And ...
William Gibson: 'I Never Expected To Be Living In An American Retro-Future'


Apple Stores All Set To Host Star Wars-Themed Event
As Animation Grows Up, So Do The Animated Tv Shows Aimed At Adults
Coming To Apple Stores September 1St: Star Wars-Themed ...
Disney To Boost Hype For Its Next 'Star Wars' Film
Harvey Forces Weather Service To Add A New Color To Its Maps
How Disney Let Its Employees Celebrate Star Wars land
'It' Movie Causing Legit Clowns To Lose Work
James Cameron Says He's In Full-Tilt Production On The Avatar Sequels
Kylo Ren Kneels Before Snoke In New Star Wars 8 Poster
Lando's Got A Brand New Beard In This Han Solo Movie Set Pic From ...
Mark Hamill Joins Campaign To Buy Twitter, Ban Donald Trump
Maz Kanata's Role In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', Evil Bb-8
New 'Star Wars' Comic Arc Gives Luke Skywalker A Significant ...
Oni Press' Spring 2018 Graphic Novel Slate Revealed
'Star Wars' Doubles Down On The Worst Tactical Vehicle In A Galaxy ...
The First Order's New Vehicles Will Give The Resistance Serious ...
Walmart Bets Big On 'Star Wars' Fans For Pre-Season Holiday Boost
Walmart, Target, Toys R Us Bet Big On 'Star Wars' Force Friday
With Pop-Up Ar, Target, Walmart, Lego Prep For Force Friday II


A Look Inside The Force Awakens' New All-Ages Comic Adaptation
Observer Is The Dark Cyberpunk We Deserve In 2017


10 Best Sci-Fi Stories You Can Read Online For Free
15 Mind-Blowing Unused Costumes From The Original X-Men Trilogy
15 Must-See movies coming To Theaters This Fall
6 Awesome Hacks Every Netflix User Should Know About 
A Possible Working Title And Location For An Obi-Wan Standalone Film ...
Cinema Clone: Are 'Star Trek' And 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' The Same Movie?
Elon Musk Announced The Space Suit For The Mars Adventure From ...
Fashion's Space Race: Why The Spacesuit Is A Huge Future ...
For The Love Of Omnipotence, No More Q
Greg Bear Says Science Fiction Is In A New 'Golden Age'
Here's Everything You Need To Know About The 'Destiny 2' PC Beta
Humankind - Time Does Not Exist
In Defence Of Dystopian Fiction: Why We Also Need Sci-Fi That Imagines Bleak Futures
Lego Star Wars Rogue One Sets Retiring Soon
Laura Dern Celebrates The Subtle Feminist Moment In Jurassic Park
More Hints For Maz Kanata's Role In Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Mother Go Is An Audio-First Novel That Harkens Back To The Golden ...
Star Wars 8: Is This Rebels Character Appearing In New Film ...
Star Wars 9 May Feature Return To Jakku
Star Wars gear For Women Just Keeps Getting Cuter
Terminator 2's Robert Patrick: 'James Cameron Said I Gave Him A Little Scare'
The Guardian: My Favourite Philip K Dick Novel
The Manual For This New Gun Is A Qr Code On The Receiver
The Risks Of Human-Like Emotional AI Robots!
What Would Aliens Look Like?
Why Don't We Have Princess Leia Holograms Yet?
We need to shift the conversation around AI before Elon Musk dooms us all
Who Is The Mysterious New Ally Of Maz Kanata In The Last Jedi?
Will Hyperloop's Promises Of A Super-Fast Train Materialize?
Will Star Wars: Episode IX Circle Back To Jakku?


Babylonian tablet predates the Pythagorean Theorum by a millennium The Plimpton 322 tablet, offers Pythagorean Geometry, and a base sixty trigonometry used for measurement and planning, more concise than what we have been using in modern time. The Guardian covers it nicely.  The Atlantic has a different take on it, not so fond of the Astrology they used the Astronomy for, however their Astronomical predictions grew more accurate.  They are the inventors of their own base 60 trigonometry used in building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, long called one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Babylonians tracked five of the planets and knew of the periodic nature of eclipses. Here is yet another take on it from Smithsonian Magazine. (Via)
Brain Dead Patients Could Be Brought 'Back To Life'
A lucky visitor to a thrift store scored several real-life NASA space suits. They found five of them and bought them for twenty cents apiece. I’d call that the bargain of the century.
This Experimental Rover Is Unlike Anything NASA’s Ever Sent To Space
Total Lunar Eclipse Coming To Western US In January



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