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Sci-Fi Round-Up: July 24, 2017

"War For The Planet Of The Apes" by Eric Powell


Eating Authors: Gray Rinehart, author of Walking on the Sea of Clouds
Interview With Leena Likitalo, Author Of The Five Daughters Of The Moon


A Giant Announcement: Laurence Fishburne Is Goliath In 'Ant-Man ...
A Neuroscientist Got A Paper On ''The Force'' Fromstar Wars...
Anne Hathaway Set To Star Insci-Fithriller O2
Comic-Con 2017: Winners And Losers From The Tv And Film Panels
Doctor Who Boss Tells Reporters To Shut Up About Female Lead ...
Doctor Who Treats Hall H To Teaser For Christmas Special, Capaldi Farewell
Dune Author Frank Herbert May Finally Get His Park And You Can Help Make It Happen
EuropaCorp Stock Falls After 'Valerian' Bombs
Gucci Goes Far, Far Away With Fall Ads
Gucci Is Making Our Sci-Fi geek Dreams Come True
Hammerless Thor, Sneak-Peak At Expected 'Wonder Woman' Sequel ...
Idw Options Sci-Fi novel Awakened For Tv Adaptation
Luc Besson is already writing Valerian 2 and 3
Promo Image For Star Wars: The Last Jedi Points To A New, Heavily ...
Robot Chicken Announces A New Special For The Walking ...
Sdcc 2017: 'Doctor Who' Panel Highlights
Sdcc 2017: Neca Brings Guillermo Del Toro's Worlds To Life
Sdcc 2017: New Spider-Man Marvel Legends Swinging Our Way
Sdcc 2017: The Game Is On With New 'Alien Vs Predator' Arcade ...
Sci-Fi musical Is A Brilliant Success
Sci-Fi series 'Star Trek,' 'X-Files' Boldly Going Back To Television
Stargate is coming back as a digital-only prequel series - The Verge
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Novels Highlight Luke, Leia, And More
The 2017 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Were Announced At ComicCon
The 5 Technologies We Need To Change The World
The 56th Japan Sci-Fi Convention Announced The 2017 Seiun Awards Winners
Third 'Cloverfield' Movie pushed Back To 2018


The 12 Meanest Things Critics Are Saying About Valerian
Valerian Is an Empty Love Parable in the City of a Thousand Planets
Valerian May Leave You A Little Lost In Space
Valerian Mixes The Best Of Several Sci-Fi and Comedy Blockbusters


10 Unused Star Wars scenes That Would Have Changed Everything
11 major details we spotted in the new 'Westworld' season 2 trailer
A Blogger Fooled Three Scientific Journals Into Publishing A Fakestar...
Apes, Liberty, And The Splintered Sequel
Artificial Intelligence Is Not As Smart As You (Or Elon Musk) Think
At Comic-Con This Year, The Biggest Stars Were The Moderators
The best moments from Comic-Con 2017
Black Panther Is An 'Important Factor' In Avengers: Infinitywar
Blade Runner 2049 Screenwriter Reveals Original Sequel Idea
Brave New World: Why (And When) We'll Go From Drivers To ...
Carbon First Look: Jackky Bhagnani Looks Like A Man On Mission ...
Celebrating 20 Years Of Stargate Sg-1 And Why It Was So Awesome
Comic-Con 2017: A comic book's worth and grim future
Comic-Con 2017: Winners and Losers From the TV and Film Panels
The deadly virus in Planet of the Apes is a fictional flu inspired by real-world pandemics
Details Of Justice League Reshoots Surface
Disney's 'Star Wars' Hotel Would Escalate Immersion Trend, Experts Say
Elon Musk Sounds Alarm On Ai
Elon Musk's Mars Rocket May Be About To Lose Half Of Its Engines
Everything You Need To Know From Netflix's Big Weekend At Comic ...
Extraction Request By Rich Larson (Military Sf Short Story)
From Minority Report To Psycho-Pass To China At The Science Museum, London
Gal Gadot, Cate Blanchett, And All The Best Fashion From Comic ...
Get Lost In A Sci-Fi world With Scarlett Johansson
Harrison Ford Raises Expectations For 'Blade Runner' Sequel
Hotsy Totsy Burlesque Presents A Tribute To Game Of Thrones
Is Disney's Star Wars Land The Future Of Movies?
Let's Figure Out What's Going On in the New 'Westworld' Trailer
Keeping The Alien And Predator Shared Universe Going...
Make It So: Star Trek And Its Debt To Revolutionary Socialism
Nasa's Gene Kranz Wants You To Save The Apollo-Era Mission Control
New Toys Reveal Better Look At Supreme Leader Snoke's Guards ...
New Story Collection Sees Kentucky In Science Fiction, Fantasy Realms
Nine Sci-Fi And Fantasy Authors Who Will Blow Your Mind
Original Blade Runner Sequel Would Have Sent Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard To Russia
Our favorite moments from San Diego Comic-Con 2017
Scientific journals Publish Bogus Paper About Midi-Chlorians From ...
Seth Macfarlane Talks 'The Orville': World Building And Optimistic ...
Seth Rogen's Future Man Combines Back To The Future And First ...
Stars In His Eyes, Galaxies In His Sights
Star Wars Episode 8 Plot Rumors: 'The Last Jedi' To Have A Post ...
Star Wars Rebels Creator Reveals Ahsoka Was Once A Mentor To ...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Will Kylo Ren And Rey Switch Sides?
Stranger Things Is Coming Back; Here's What You Need To Know
The Movie That Launched John Boyega And Jodie Whittaker
The Ready Player One Backlash Has Begun
The Umbrella Academy Creators Talk Influences From X-Men To ...
The Winners And Losers From Comic-Con 2017
The Best Moments From Comic-Con 2017
The First Ever Marvel-Themed Hotel Is Opening In Europe
The Sky Above London Was The Colour Of Television, Tuned To A Dead Channel . . .
Us Navy Tests Laser Weapon That Can Hit Missiles At Speed Of Light
Wandering In The Void, Billions Of Rogue Planets Without A Home
War for the Planet of the Apes deleted scene revealed by Preacher actor
Watch Latest Test Of 'Star Wars' Railgun, The 4500Mph Us Navy ...
Westworld Season 2: 7 Surprises From the Comic-Con Trailer
Why Can Marvel Studios Use The Skrulls In 'Captain Marvel'?
Why Chinese Sci-Fi Fans Love Homegrown Heroes
Why There Might Not Be Any Cowboys In 'Westworld' Season 2
Why We Need The Liberal Arts In Technology's Age Of Distraction
You Can Thank Joss Whedon For That Great New 'Justice League' Trailer



All The Best Trailers From Comic-Con 2017
Best Comic-Con 2017 Trailers: Ready Player One, Stranger Things ...
Comic-Con Tv Trailer Roundup: The Walking Dead, Westworld...
Comic-Con movie trailers 2017: 'Justice League,' 'Thor' And More ...
Five Video Game-To-Moviereleases That Weren't Completely ...
Here's The Trailer For Netflix's New Margaret Atwood Show, 'Alias ...
It's Been Called The 'Best Science Fiction show In A Decade ...
'Ready Player One' Trailer Breakdown Explains The Iron Giant And ...
Remember My Project "Attack Of The Cyber Octopuses"? The Film Is Now Done!!!
Sdcc 2017: 'Krypton' Gets A New Teaser Trailer And First Footage ...
'The Orville': Watch The New Trailer For Seth Macfarlane's Hilarious ...
This Week In Trailers: 'Call Of Duty' Zombies, More
Video Will Change The Way You Think About That Shocking Ending Of The Mist
Watch the Full DC Comic-Con 2017 Panel Online
Westworld Hits Comic-Con With Violent Season 2 Trailer
Westworldseason 2 Trailer Breakdown & Analysis
Westworldpremieres Season Two Teaser Trailer At Sdcc

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