Monday, December 7, 2015

Short Film: Strawberries

"Strawberries" is a fight scene that plays out as though it were ripped out of a comic book action movie.  It hints at a story without ever explicitly revealing detail.  However, despite being almost entirely bereft of dialogue and backstory, "Strawberries" still manages to demonstrate an excellent grasp of cinematography and storytelling, offering a window on a world of potential.
"A young woman with unique abilities and her enigmatic care taker await a long expected call. However his agenda may divided them forever.

Strawberries is a short scene study about a young girl with unique powers and her caretaker, an enigmatic man with an unknown agenda. Set in a not too distant future, the film was designed not as a complete narrative, but rather as a glimpse into a larger story and world. With minimal dialogue, the short uses rich textures, cinematography and pacing to help convey the story."

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