Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 28, 2015

Ghost Rider-Colors by Ross-A-Campbell

Interview: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Executive Producer Jeff Bell Talks Secret Warriors, Civil War, Last Week's Shocking Death & More

Interview: Andre Tricoteux Reveals What We Can Expect From Colossus In The Upcoming Deadpool Movie.  Basically, Deadpool is going to feature a Better Colossus Than the X-Men Movies.  Cinema Blend explains How Deadpool Plans To Improve On Colossus.

Interview: Jonathan Lethem talks about his involvement with this year's Best American Comics

Interview: Nakaba Suzuki talks about his series The Seven Deadly Sins.

Interview: Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers

Interview: Robert Kirkman explains how the Outcast TV series will expand on the comics

Interview: Supergirl's Melissa Benoist: I'm not a comic-book geek.

News: Mary and Bryan Talbot announced their newest project at the Lakes International Comics Festival: The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia, the story of 19th century French feminist Louise Michel, known in her day as “The Red Virgin of Montmartre.”

News: Manga creator Kōji Miyata died Thursday from a brain hemorrhage. He was 34. Miyata’s works included Kikimimi Zukan (Pictorial Book of Sound), Mahiru ni Miyoko (Miyoko at Noon) and Inugami-hime ni Kuchizuke (A Kiss for the Dog God Princess)

News: A United Nations expert investigator has called for Japan to ban drawn images of children being sexually abused. While Japan banned most forms of child pornography last year, the law exempted manga, anime, and video games.

Reviews: Nirit Anderman on The Arab of the Future.  Rob Clough On Long Red Hair. Thomas Chatterton Williams on The Arab Of The Future.

Alan Tudyk Wants To Play Blue Beetle If Nathan Fillion Is Cast As Booster Gold In Comic Series.  Yes. Please!

Comics expert Gary Colabuono shows off his 1944 Supergirl ashcan edition, created 15 years before the superheroine made her actual debut to secure the trademark.

Erotic comics, erratic censorship: Deconstructing Comics On The Digital Censorship Of Dirty Comics Material.
The Examiner celebrates finally having a superhero show for girls.  (Supergirl)  Personally, it's killing me that Supergirl got a show before Wonder Woman OR Black Canary, both of whom I feel have stories much more fit for television.

Sadaf Ahsan profiles Adrian Tomine.

Who is Supergirl's Hank Henshaw?

Yes, "Supergirl" Can Cross Over With "Arrow" and "The Flash." But Will She?  More to the point, with so many DC staples now on TV, is there any chance of finally getting the Justice League series eighties kids have always dreamed of?  If we can get Smallville's Tom Welling and Justin Hartley of the failed Aquaman (2006) to get on board, that would only leave Batman, Black Canary, and Wonder Woman to cast.

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