Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Link Round-Up: March 25, 2014

Another Round? by Justin Currie

10 Predictions For the New Season of Game of Thrones

Bikini-Clad Princess Leia Beach Towel For Lounging In Your Own Bikini

Dave Vancook has added a collection of Star Wars characters and vehicles to old paintings that he finds at thrift stores. You can view more of his improved paintings on Facebook.

Does Adventure Time Take Place In A Post-Apocalypse Seattle? The Seattle Weekly Thinks It Might...

Extra Credits looked at the design benefits of collectable games like Magic: The Gathering.

No Cardboard Boxes for This Cat: A guy built a Star Wars AT-ST or "Chicken Walker" for his cat, and now, I'm depressed because I'm jealous of a cat.

You may already be familiar with Garfield Minus Garfield (mefi post), weirder variants like the currently inactive Garfield Minus Plus (James) Garfield) (and my personal favorite: Garfield minus Garfield's Thoughts.) Now there's Garfield Minus Jon (Arbuckle) Plus Jon (Osterman).

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